Be diverse

We have extensive Salesforce implementation experience working with diverse project teams across different industries.

Who we've worked with


Our team has delivered digital transformation across both the electricity and gas industry within New Zealand. We have integrated systems with the gas and electricity registries, emhTrade, emsTradepoint, energy retailers, lines companies and many more.

Our specific experience in these sectors places Be Intelligent into a unique position to be able to often skip through discovery and get straight to helping your growth. 


Our honest and transparent approach is underpinned by our unique not-for-profit discounts which reflect our alignment with Maori values. We ensure that we take Kaupapa Maori into account in whatever we do and co-create a roadmap with consensus with all the key people to create positive outcomes for Maori.

We truly love the work the Iwi are doing within the community to share and enjoy the great
together, which is our people.